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Episode 037: Live Episode #2!

April 12th, 2009 · David · 5 Comments

* This is a live episode. It gets loud and rowdy. It might be explicit, I think we kept it clean, but…

* There is a video forthcoming. When David gets off his duff and edits the video.

* We eventually get to the topic: “What is the best movie sequel?”

* If you listened through the end (Look at you!), you can take the survey David mentions here: Survey!


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5 responses so far ↓

  • 1 MrTim // Apr 14, 2009 at 11:21 am

    Hey Luke, I’m not positive, but I think the reason you can’t find Dr. Horrible in the stores is because it’s only available on Amazon.

  • 2 Joe // Apr 14, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    That is correct.

  • 3 Luke // Apr 14, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    Why am I just finding this out *now?*

    Come on folks, help a guy out!

  • 4 Sardel // Apr 16, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    I can’t believe that Star Wars didn’t make the list of 20. I don’t think you can invalidate the originals just because of the prequels. Rocky Balboa was chosen even though the other Rocky movies were dissed. Using the same logic that dismissed Empire shouldn’t Rocky Balboa not have been picked?

  • 5 Joe // Apr 17, 2009 at 6:46 am

    No, because Rocky Balboa was the last movie and people by nature remember the first and last in a series the best. So with Star Wars we remember good and bad. And with Rocky we remember good and good.

    That might actually be why Indiana Jones got dissed, now that I think about it.

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