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Entries from August 2008

Houses of the Blooded on the Cheap

August 31st, 2008 · 4 Comments

I’m a John Wick fan. He’s written some of my favorite games (Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea, Orkworld) and I’m a big fan of his Play Dirty vidcasts. Some of you may know he just released a new game, Houses of the Blooded.  I’ve been following the game’s development because it really hit the sweet spot for me:  noble houses, intrigue, modified FATE system, domain rules.  Stuff that you know I love if you’ve been following the Campaign Recaps of KTNG at all.

Well, John’s done something wild.  For an unspecified limited time, he’s selling HotB PDFs for $5. It’s 438 pages.  As I have yet to really dig into the book myself, I can’t tell you much about the game beyond what I learned by watching development, but I can tell you that it’s easily worth $5 for the GMing advice that it contains alone, never mind the game.

I like to share good deals and good games.  This seems to be both.  Go look into it.


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That’s Good, Head

August 29th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Aron Head, The Bastard, is a blogger who has recently reviewed some of his favorite podcasts.  I’m happy to report that we’re at the top!

His blog is a good read, too.  If you enjoy The Podge Cast you’ll find him waxing on topics you’ll likely enjoy.

Just never let the man take your picture.  Trust me on that.


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Corrected Feed

August 28th, 2008 · 2 Comments

An astute listener pointed out to us that iTunes was only showing Episode 4 to our most current release. This error has now been rectified. If you’ve been wanting to download our earlier episodes through iTunes, you can do so now. Thanks for your patience.


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Campaign Recap: Kingdom The Next Generation Episode 2

August 27th, 2008 · 7 Comments

*You’ll note the sound quality is a bit different than normal. We were experimenting a bit. Don’t worry, we fix it later.

*Session 2 – Everybody Loves a Wedding Part II

*Session 3 – Into The Witchwood


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Gen Con Interviews

August 26th, 2008 · 7 Comments

*This is completely NSFW. It’s barely safe for human consumption. Listen at your own risk.

*Accidental Rob is on St. Louis’s Hit List

*Meg’s Boob Space for rent

*Ender_Melchior and Grungydan do TORG

*Features unavailable on most business cards.

*Why we support Brilliant Gameologists

*Very Important Gamer (VIG) winner: Ender_Melchior


*Adam Jury and Kristen give us the rundown on Paparazzi, Catalyst’s upcoming card game.


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