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Entries from January 2009

House Rules for Savage Worlds

January 29th, 2009 · No Comments

As I’ve mentioned a few times on the show, I run a fortnightly home campaign set in my own setting, the Third World. While my players all had experience with D&D and its various editions, I chose to use Savage Worlds instead. There were a few motivating factors, the first being that I did not want to dedicate the time necessary to create NPCs using 3rd edition mechanics (I’ve done that and then some). The second, and the deciding factor, was that I wanted to provide a more cinematic, rules light experience. Savage Worlds was the obvious fit (of the systems I felt confident with enough to run). Other reasons like the opportunity to introduce new players to Savage Worlds, etc., only cemented my decision.

While I openly profess to an aversion to house rules, there were a few modifications I wanted to make. I’m listing them here with an explanation as to why I did so.


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Episode 027: Oh Wait, Was I Supposed to Run a Game Tonight?

January 25th, 2009 · No Comments

* Not one of us can keep it in our pants about an upcoming episode

* Gaerma is pretty awesome.

* The K:tNG contest is still going strong. Get your entries in now! Prizes are either the two pack of the Character Burner and System Rules, or one of the two expansion books The Monster Burner or The Magic Burner

* V3 is coming up on 2/28/2009.

* Social media assault: we can’t focus.

* How do I put up the normal aspects of a supernatural game?

* GM Prep, what do you need to come to the table with?

* I hate writing show notes.

* In answer to your question, Moises Alou, a outfielder for the NY Mets was interviewed a couple of years ago, and he did admit to peeing on his hands to reduce calouses.


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LurkerWithout’s Sunday Trade

January 25th, 2009 · No Comments

Nat Turner by Kyle Baker

On August 21st, 1831 Nat Turner led a slave revolution in Southhampton County, Virginia. He and his followers executed fifty-five people, many of them children before being stopped. Turner himself was captured, tried, and executed. He was hung, beheaded, and skinned.

I’ve been meaning to review this book for months now, but kept putting it off. I’m not the right person to judge Turner or his actions. I can just say that the book makes me uncomfortable. Which is good. Kyle Baker tells a mostly dialogue-less story that challenges the reader. It doesn’t try to hide anything. And while it’s far from being a “fun” book, it is an important one. Like Spiegleman’s Maus, Nat Turner pushes the field of comics.


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BBoP 001: Josh is an Asshole

January 21st, 2009 · No Comments

The Bad Boys of Podcasting first project is here and tackles a very important issue that we’ve all been affected by.

Josh is an asshole.

Peer into the inner depths of each of the following podcasters and join us in Josh’s healing process.

Intervention Moderator:
Meg- Brilliant Gameologists

Intervention Participants:
Adam/ David: The Podge Cast
Luke: The Podge Cast
Rob: Accidental Survivors
Rob: The Bear Swarm
Zeke: Brilliant Gameologists

Intervention Target:
Josh: Brilliant Gameologists was lured to the intervention on the promise of awards for “Mr. Sexy Gaming Podcaster 2008″.

The music featured was Adhesion’s “Float Up from Depth” found on the Podshow’s Podsafe Music Network

This intervention was recorded over skype.

Warning: This episode is tagged Explicit. It is intended for adult audiences


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Episode 026: We Don’t Meet Your Expectations

January 18th, 2009 · No Comments

* V3-2 is happening again! Here are the details.

* Adam and Luke are jealous of the awesome snow that Matt and Joe have enjoyed.

* The new Dr. Who, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Wire are fantastic. Go buy them and watch them. You won’t be disappointed.

* Dungeon and Dragon magazine back-issues can be gotten from the D&D Insider subscription.

* The actual gaming topic: GM Expectations of Players

* What is a sandbox? Check this out to find out.


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