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Entries from May 2009

LurkerWithout’s Sunday Trade

May 17th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Boneyard: Vol. 1 by Richard Moore

A collection of the first four-issues. Michael Paris inherits a plot of land in the town of Raven Hollow. When he gets to town he finds out he got a cemetery. One home to various strange and frightening creatures. And the locals would like his help in getting rid of the monsters. Though Paris finds himself unsure about siding with the townsfolk over the cemetery residents. Especially the vampire Abbigail…

Boneyard is a mostly light-hearted horror comic. I mean except when it isn’t. But Moore is enjoyable if for no other reason, then that he can remember that people come in more than one body type…


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Meet Me in the Morning with Zak Kaveney – Together Through Life Review

May 14th, 2009 · No Comments

“Together Through Life” – Bob Dylan (2009)

In his thirty-third studio album, Dylan has released a handful of luscious tracks that will make any fan appreciate the seemingly endless pool of creation that he can turn around, crack it open, and pull something gorgeous out. From here comes his latest collection of work that encompasses many great themes. From the hell that spawned your spouse, to the fortitude needed to be away from a loved one, there’s really something lovely about this entire album. It’s serene, powerful, majestic, and down right fun. As you listen to the beginning of “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’” and continue throughout wondering if you ever have been to Houston, you find yourself nodding, with foot tapping in rhythm, that Dylan’s right: “It’s All Good.”

One of the best played instruments on this album comes from David Hidalgo, of Los Lobos fame, playing the accordion. This is the sound that really makes “Together Through Life” sound and feel different from any of the past few albums Dylan has released. I’m sure you’ve heard that Mike Campbell from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers plays guitar on this album as well; however, every musician on this album does an absolutely stellar job of bringing out the best behind Dylan and co-writer Robert Hunter, one of the Grateful Dead alum.

There’s no need for me to spin any more heaven or hell wordplay into this, so I’ll leave you with my two favorite tracks:

“My Wife’s Hometown” is a haunting melody that Dylan pours his voice into, and the best moment is toward the end of the track as you can hear him laughing maniacally at the thought of someone he once knew.

“Shake Shake Mama” may not be many other critics pick, but for me, this is just another fun song that Dylan loves to play in, much like a child in a sandbox. You can’t help but bounce around in your seat and even try to sing along. It’s a fun song, and you can tell everyone on it is enjoying themselves.


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Episode 041: On Bottom

May 11th, 2009 · 4 Comments

* Congratulations Bear Swarm, you’re a year old! How did that happen?

* V3 is June 6th (V3 location information will appear at the end of our episodes beginning with episode 42)

* Last week’s contest Google doc form is here (click the link). We also clarify evolutionary items.

* Campaign Design, the Bottom Up approach. You can find an outline, and actual notes on the Plus 1 page.

* What beginning steps mirror the Top Down approach.

* Character generation and the character theme

* Establishing conflict

* The Character Domino Effect

* Adventure (non-character) focused Bottom Up design

* The Fog of War

* All podcasters are liars, except for 3/4 of the PodgeCast

* A SECOND CONTEST! Go ahead and click here to open the form and submit.

* Matt goes insane


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LurkerWithout’s Sunday Trade

May 10th, 2009 · No Comments

The Damned Script and Story by Cullen Bunn, Art and Story by Brian Hurt

The Damned is high concept at its most perfect. Think Miller’s Crossing with demons. And the story is one of those sadly rare times where the creators far and away deliver on the concept. The lead character is Eddie, your regular broken down cynical anti-hero. Except he can’t stay dead. When someone touches his corpse, skin to skin, they take his death and drag him out of hell.

Eddie’s boss needs him again so his corpse is revived from the half-empty field where its lying. The demon crime boss has a problem. Hell’s sent up someone to broker the war between the cities two biggest demon crime families. And that negotiator has gone missing. So Eddie’s been tapped to find him…

The Damned is perfect for fans of noir, crime movies or plain old good story-telling.


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Episode 040: On Top

May 4th, 2009 · 2 Comments

* Luke writes a column on Ideology of Madness: The Wizard Sleeve

* Ideology also had their Week of Mice with Weapons

* Donate your old cell phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers

* Deadliest Warrior and other cool TV shows. Adam kept calling it Ultimate Warrior, which is a crappy show. This is the actual show Deadliest Warrior.

* Luke needs playtesters for “Project MG.” Email him at

* Joe was a guest host on Kicked in the Dicebags: Episode 5

* Adam is going to record a bonus video to show you how to “double record” if you’re looking for alternative recording methods

* Campaign Design, the Top Down approach. You can find an outline, and actual notes on the Plus 1 page.

* Pre-Planning Phase

* The Three Pillars of System Selection

* Pre-Player Phase (PPP or P3)

* Scope Your Game

* Evolutionary Items (like a Monkey Trial)

* The Fun Cooker

* Themes

* Organizations and our inherent nature to group

* Conflict

* Character Generation and Player Input

* Why (and why not) to plan your first show

* Why (and why not) to use box text

* Matt’s campaign document is on the Plus 1 page in the Episode Resources

* Scoping this discussion

* Announcing…THE CONTEST! You can enter here.


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