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Entries from August 2009

TPC 054: Gencon, Metagaming, Doctor X

August 30th, 2009 · 4 Comments

* Gencon recap. If you aren’t interested, you can skip to 22:06 to miss all of our recap

* Joe’s zipline video

* XKCD is fantastic.

* Doctor X has some questions; How to make players make decisions that are in line with their characters, and not necessarily mechanically beneficial

* When will we see a Renaissance in gaming?

* Supernatural doormats from Bear Swarm Matt’s dad! LINK


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LurkerWithout’s Sunday Trade

August 30th, 2009 · No Comments

Skin Horse vol. 1 by Shaenon K. Garrity & Jeffrey C. Wells

The first collection for the Skin Horse webcomic. A comic about the semi-secret Black Ops Social Services department for non-human intelligences. The ones who go in with government assistances for those poor Destroyer Robots, Transgenic Beasts and Stranger Things That Result From Playing God. When the Rampage Ends, Thats Where Project Skin Horse Begins…

Well they try anyway. But with a field team consisting of a talking ex-pat Canadian dog (Sweetheart), a patchwork zombie girl (Unity) and a transvestite psychologist (Dr. Tip Wilkin) its possible things might not go according to plan. But that doesn’t mean they won’t find a way to solve their clients’ problems. Whether they be genetically-modified lions, warring mutant societies in the sub-basements or foul-mouthed cyborg battle copters…


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A Boarding Party 002: Neuroshima Hex

August 27th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Game: Neuroshima Hex
Publisher: Z-Man Games
Price: $34.99 (USD)
Type: Board, Combat, Life Points, Tile Game
Players: Tom Carrier, Jason Quintal, Joe Selby
Snacks: Baked Wheat Thins (garden vegetable), Baked Ruffles, Helluva Good Dip (sour cream and onion)
Theme Music: “Zantlop 786″ by Gasserpe from Podsafe Music Network

Click on the image to open a slide show in a new tab of pictures taken from play.

* Neuroshima Hex Overview

* The Rules

* An Example of Play (Actual Play)

* In-Action Slideshow/Photo Album

* Addendum


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TPC 053: Vices

August 23rd, 2009 · 9 Comments

* Matt’s Wheel of Time issues

* Jake joins us from various forums and communities

* How fun is Gencon going to be? Especially since we all just got back from it

* We begin talking about vices

* Rob from Accidental Survivors joins us for the remainder of the episode

* Drinking, smoking, cell phones, racism and personal hygiene


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LurkerWithout’s Sunday Trade

August 23rd, 2009 · No Comments

Super Hero Happy Hour written by Dan Taylor, art by Chris Fason

A very simple concept. Neighborhood bar where the city’s super-heroes hang out. This volume collects the original 4-issue mini-series. The art is a bit crude to start, but Fason hits his stride by the second issue (“Ladies’ Night”) putting down simple but effective black & white, cartoon-like art.

Also Psiren and Knightengale are TOTALLY female hero names I wish I’d thought up first…


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