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Entries from October 2009

Travis: To My Darling Tabetha…

October 27th, 2009 · No Comments


Once again, it seems your arrival heralds an escalation in The Great Game. I’m not sure what prompted you to leave Alleria, but your presence at the parties is always… a welcome sight. You know how I feel about swimming alone with these sharks.

The entrance and mingling was frightfully dull this year, which was a welcome change from last year’s reception when our noble Count Vrein embarrassed me publicly upon our entrance. Do you remember?

The Countess was most impressed with ‘our’ gift of the dress. The other vassals, Ambrose and Morgana didn’t present anything worth noting. Niassa, however, presented a gift I can’t remember but the Countess was enthralled with it. The rest of the gift presentation was uneventful and droll, though Countess Jasmin did invite me to sit at her side on the main table.

There was a bit of an incident before dinner. I pulled her chair, as is custom, for her to sit and it caught on her dress, ripping it from her body. As the servants escorted her from the dais, her son Victor (do you remember him? He was betrothed to Lady Niassa before it was broken off for whatever reason) accused me of embarrassing his mother. I taught the dullard a lesson in insults, though, so no dishonor came to me.

The remainder of dinner passed without incident, though I did hear some interesting gossip about Lady Niassa’s sister and Lord Victor being intimately involved (more on this to come!). Lady Niassa is a barbed rose. Watch your step around that one.

After dinner, the annual rose ceremony commenced. I thought I was a major contender for the Red Rose, the ultimate symbol of romance at the spring party, but Lord Ambrose found it first (and under the chair that ruined Lady Jasmin’s dress, no less!) and gave it to the young Marquess Stacia.

I thought for sure Lady Niassa, who found The Thorn would give me that prize (do you remember the oaf that won The Thorn last year? Nobody spoke to that oaf for the rest of the party!), but during my hunt I spotted Lord Gregor, Lady Niassa’s husband intimately engaged with Lady Delia (Lady Niassa’s sister and Lord Victor’s betrothed!). After Lord Victor told Lord Gregor he was taking him to Jury over the matter, Lady Niassa gave him The Black Thorn. What an exciting first couple hours!

It was at this point that you showed up, dear. Lord Victor has chosen me as his second, and Lord Gregor, shunned pariah of the party asked the only person at the party who did not yet know of his shame: you.

Your Devoted Husband,


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TPC 062: Zombies

October 25th, 2009 · 3 Comments

* Yes, I know the sound is weird. It’s a special Halloween effect I placed on the sound chain to make everyone sound more creepy…. or I didn’t notice when I was setting things up to record Brant’s chain.

* Brant from the Trap Cast joins us.

* How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

* Survivalist games and a discussion about horror


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Aria of Ill Fortune: Rules To Know and Live By

October 22nd, 2009 · No Comments

Aria of Ill Fortune is a Houses of the Blooded campaign.  Due to the unique game structure of HotB, the game will be completely open to player coming and going as they please.  I’m assuming we’ll have the usual “Story Sunday” crew there as scheduled but all others are welcome to come and go as they please.  The game will also be run at V3 and other conventions allowing people from all over the country to play in the game.  All games will be considered part of cannon for the campaign.

Core Players refer to the group that makes the vast majority of games.  Cameo Players refer to those who only make the occasional game.

Given the nature of the game, I’m also laying down some requirements and encouragements of how we’ll be playing.  Here’s the list.

1. Read the book. Part of the fun of the game is emulating Ven culture and to do that you’ve got to know the basics.  Since the game allows you to basically define culture and rules as you like, it helps if we all start on the same page. Plus the PDF is only five bucks and is awesome in so many ways.

2. Maturity.  I think we’re all aware of just how goofy things get when we get going (ERIC NO!).  This game gives you enough narrative control to really make the game a goof-fest.  While that’s all well and good, I’d like to tone of this to be relatively serious.  As such, using wagers or Style to do things like making tons of people gay or graphically dictating the arousal state of others is going to be considered Bad Form.  Really, this falls under the “Don’t Be A Wanker” rule in the book, but I thought I’d be explicit.

3. We’ll be using the full rules from the book so you’re going to need to manage your Domain.  We’ll be handling most of that via email, I imagine.  Cameo Players will not be expected to maintain their Domains, but may certainly do so if they wish.  Each player must keep an Action Log that documents how each Season Action was spent.

4. Character Backgrounds are required by the third game a player attends.  Backgrounds should be a few paragraphs long, at most.  Remember to just hit the high points and leave a lot of room to be filled in during play.  Both you and other players are going to be able to dictate facts about your character, so keep that in mind. These will be posted on the blog.

5. Every character will need to have their Three Things done at character creation so they can share with everyone. These will also be posted on the blog.

6. Core Players are required to submit an in-character post to this blog at least once between each game session. This should take the form of a letter, diary entry, poem, song, or anything else that the group would deem cool.  The post should at least make reference to the events of the most recent session.  Additional posts are also encouraged to let the player explore their characters lives not covered during gaming sessions, like exploring their Domain and the like.  Proper maintenance of the blog earns Style. Really impressive use of the blog may earn greater rewards.

7. Additional player contributions are highly encouraged. Art, music, maps, etc. will all earn Style.

8. This is a Friendly Game.  That means all secrets and plotting is out in the open.  Remember, your character is there to be messed with. Revel in it.  All players know all other player’s compels at the start of the game.  Invokes and Tags must be learned through Cunning risks, as usual.

9.  Cameo Player Quick-Start.  If you’re jumping into your first game you don’t need to do full character creation if you don’t have time. We’ll likely have a few characters ready to be played.

10. NPCs.  Whenver you turn a vassal into an NPC, the GM will create the NPC.  The player may state the Three Things about the NPC for free.  Any additional details will cost Style.


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TPC 061: The Storyteller in You

October 18th, 2009 · 1 Comment

* No business

* Narrativism in traditional games, and our thoughts on the story game movement in general

* Houses Domain Management, our thoughts and expectations for the upcoming game


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TPC 060: Metagaming and You

October 11th, 2009 · 3 Comments

* D&D Jones soda taste-testing!

* Bounty Head Bebop contest winners are announced!

* Luke gushes some more about The Dresden Files

* Paul’s metagaming quandry

* Paul’s a new host?

* Eddy Webb’s White Chapel Project


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