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Entries from November 2009

NPC List

November 8th, 2009 · No Comments

I’ve listed all the current NPCs and what we know of them on Obsidian Portal.  You can find the link on the sidebar or just follow it here.


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Ambrose Steele Character Sheet

November 8th, 2009 · No Comments

Baron Ambrose Steele, House of the Elk
Family name: Steele – I have never surrendered
Public name: Ambrose: I see the truth
Secret name: Theodosius: Mercy is the greatest sin

Strength 2
Cunning 5
Courage 2
Beauty 3
Wisdom 3
Prowess 0

Father: Marquis Theodore Steele, House of the Elk (dominant)
Mother: Baroness Evelyn Burghe, House of the Bear
Birth Order

Married to Alma Burghe

Contact: Travis Thorne

I am Hateful
Invoke: To harm others
Tag: When I must be kind
Compel: To be cruel

Invoke: When taking a risky action with a high probability of failure
Tag: When I must take time to make decisions
Compel: Feels compelled to always take dangerous risks

Medium height and build. Short brown hair, clean-shaven. Dresses simply, mostly with earth tones and/or season-appropriate colors. Commonly in traditional Scottish garb, including kilts and a wide collection of sgian dubh. Also known to dress even simpler, frequently in overcoats and decorative riding boots.

Raised competitively in outdoorsmanship, hunting, strategy, and debate with the children of his father’s vassals.
Swore to Vrain as an alternative to his father in order to prove his independence and distance himself from some weak members of his family he felt were unnecessarily familiar with the strong members.
Met and rescued his wife, Alma, from a winter storm while trekking in Vrain’s legendary hunting grounds.

Three things:
Reputation as a great hunter
Generous to allies
Known to be capable of despicable things


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Ambrose Steele’s Almanac of Occultation: First Spring

November 7th, 2009 · No Comments

Spring 1
Attended a party in the Verdant Palace
Of Significance:
-Stacia, now unmarried – yet wearing red, suggested generosity in exchange for later favors. I secured The Rose for her. Jasmine was annoyed that I did not do so with great fanfare.
-Contract with Donovan Burghe:
2 stone flat, 1 Wine per season of tutelage
Aid in creation of artwork, lodging

-Jasmine hosted in Vrain’s absence. She was not pleased by my gift.
-I juried a dispute between Niassa’s husband, Gregor, and Victor Steele over an indiscretion between Gregor and Delia, Victor’s fiancée and Niassa’s sister.
Fellow jurors: Krueger, Kether (intoxicated), Verdict: Duel to the Blood on the third day of the party.

My wife, Alma, continues to surprise. Her organization, kind demeanor, and admirable preparation have become a force in my life. While I do not envision her warmth becoming one of my qualities, it may be vital in the growth of our home. I am confident her strength will serve both of us well while I am away with Donovan.
Alma and Donovan, two Blooded of the Bear to whom I am bound. The theatre of Ven deceit and illness has always aroused my enmity, but perhaps my stage will yet prove it is best shared.


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Aria of Ill Fortune: Session I Spring Gala at The Verdant Palace Part I- The Rose and The Thorn

November 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

Opening Facts:

Lord Vrain Adrente, Count of Sandrose

-Hates Travis

-Is wearing the black

-Morgana Mwrr’s mother was his mistress

-Niassa protects his lands with her Roadmen

-Has a great game reserve

-Niassa was betrothed to his son, Victor, but broke it off for a better match

-Niassa is one of the few who know why he’s wearing the black

-Nisassa’s apothecary leanred from his

-He’s wearing the black to cover something Nisssa did.

Facts about Paevra K’mar (The Sea of Cutting Hatred)

-The lands are cursed

-Excellent road system

-Plagued by pirates at sea

-Caravans travel overland with ease

-Vrain helped settle the area

-Lot of Ruins

Spring Gala at The Verdant Palace

Jasmine Steele is throwing the annual spring gala even though her husband is ostracized because her son, Victor Steele, is announcing his betrothal.  Victor was betrothed once before, to Niassa Yvarai, but that was broken off.  Turns out his new finacee is one of Niassa’s many sisters, Delia, though his mother doesn’t think it’s a good match.  She would prefer he got together with Niassa, which is complicated by Niassa’s marriage to Gregor.

The night began with the presentation of gifts of Lady Jasmine.  Notably, Travis and Niassa’s gifts impressed while Ambrose and Morgana earned nothing but scorn.  Travis’s gift of a gorgeous red dress drew a coy smile from the Lady.  Morgana, embarrassed because of her Lady’s displeasure apologized profusely.  Lady Jasmine told her that she could make it up to her by helping get Niassa and Victor back together by breaking up Niassa’s marriage.  Morgana quickly began plotting.

After gifts were presented everyone retired to the banquet hall and proceeded to mingle.  A small scandal broke out when Travis inadvertantly ripped a large gash in Jasmine’s dress as he pulled out her seat.  As the Lady retired to change outfits, her son Victor was obviously insulted by Travis’s action.  A quick Game of Insults later left Victor with the reputation of being negligent with his father’s lands, as he was the steward.  Several of Victor’s cronies, including Goodren Steele came to ease him back from doing something rash afterward.

Many facts were declared during these exchanges:

Lord Victor Steele, Baron of Drummond

-Widely known to have beauty as a weakness

-Mama’s Boy

-Duels at the slightest insult

-Taking care of his father’s estate

-Hates Travis for the same reason as his father

-Holds no anger towards Niassa…

-…Though he was greatly hurt by the ending of their betrothal

-Expert swordsman

-Loyal followers

-Planning to marry one of Niassa’s sisters

Lady Delia Yvarai, Baroness of Valtross

-Younger sister to Niassa

-betrothed to Victor Steele

-Better match for Victor than Niassa

-Lady Jasmine is displeased with this match

-Lord Vrain was pleased with the match

-Thinks Victor overreacts to most insults

While the guests await the return of their hostess to eat, foxwine is brought out and mingling begins in earnest.  Ambrose gets to know Stacia Silja and learns she is in need of both support and vassals since her husband has passed. He has promised to help.  Morgana begins her search for a way to split up Niassa and Gregor by talking to Lady Peacock, the court’s most famous gossip who is also already drunk. Morgana learns that Gregor, Niassa’s husband, is already looking for a way out of the marriage and is just looking for an excuse.  It’s also rumored that he has been seen flirting heavily  with all of Niassa’s sisters. Word of Lady Peacock’s loose lips finds its way back to Niassa when she starts chattering with all her sisters.

Niassa also spends time speaking with Lady Azra Ru, whom Niassa allows to borrow her apothecary for two season in exchange for his being trained and a cask of wine. She also speaks at length, uncomfortably, with Count Vyzir Mwrr whom she gives he son Ivan as an apprentice in exchange for aid in discovering the potential of one of her artifacts.

Lady Jasmine eventually comes back out, attired in the dress that Travis gave her as a gift. She publicly scolds Victor for his temper over the accident.

After dinner the annual Chase for The Rose and The Thorn began.  The Rose is an expertly crafted silver rose encrusted in jewels and its always hidden somewhere in the flower-strewn lands of The Verdant Palace. Whoever finds it becomes The Verdant Lord (or Lady), an Aspect that aids in beginning romances. That person also becomes the “belle of the ball” so to speak, only second in importance to the hostess herself.  The Thorn is a black iron rose covered in thorns. Whoever find it may give it to anyone they choose.  Once given, the bearer becomes shunned for the season as bad luck tends to follow them around.

Ambrose quickly finds The Rose which he gives to Stacia, who was desperately looking for it.  Jasmine sees him hand it off to her and is a bit upset he did so secretly.  Niassa finds The Thorn.  Morgana disovers a journal while looking around.  Soon after discovering it, she and a multitude of other stumble upon Gregor and Delia locked in a passionate kiss in a secluded corner of the garden.  Niassa  gives Gregor The Thorn while Victor goes straight to the jury to ask for a duel.

The jury consists of a completely drunk Count Kether, Ambrose, and the always eccentric Lord Krueger. After a brief discussion they decided that it shall be a duel to the blood. The duel is then scheduled for the final day of the party.  Travis is chosen as Victor’s second, something his mother insisted.  Tabitha, Travis’s wife, is chosen as Gregor’s second as she was late in arriving and Gregor asked her before she knew he had The Thorn.

As the guests all retired to their beds that night, Morgana stumbled across a body in a corridor.

End of session.


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TPC 063: An Entertaining Conversation (That Guy)

November 1st, 2009 · 3 Comments

* We’re all here again!

* Luke recaps his experience at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado

* NaNoWriMo discussion – is this a good thing or a bad thing?

* Twilight, the gateway drug

* Luke hates That Guy.

* Guest Hodge – Aron Head, Matt Sturges Interview


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