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Entries from July 2010

TPC 098: The Brothers Jonas

July 25th, 2010 · 8 Comments

* The video game type is getting out of hand

* MS 150 donations are still more than welcome, feel free to donate

* Phil bailed on us because he’s a jerk

* Gencon Oz was cancelled

* Big thanks to Jonas who fueled the topics for this episode

* Gencon planning, as we wander off from the topic

* Piracy

* Fear the Boot, the ENnies

* Blizzard

* Advancement, flaws and character structure


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TPC 097: Rest in Paul

July 18th, 2010 · 3 Comments

* Paul isn’t dead and didn’t gay elope despite tons of evidence to the contrary

* MS 150 donations are still more than welcome, feel free to donate

* Jonas and Neosect are awesome

* Thanking our mystery patron

* GMs NPC?

* Would the Podge Cast hosts ever write an RPG?


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TPC 096: Fan Roundtable 6

July 11th, 2010 · 1 Comment

This episode is explicit!

Guest Hosts:
* Clyde (Theory From the Closet)
* Jonathan “Stingray” ( Way of the Game)
* Sam (Neosect)

* E3

* Our new business venture

* Themes that do and don’t work in games

And, a ton of wargame links from Clyde:

Hey guys,

Figured I could remove a step if I included Luke. Luke we talked about
you, and War Games last night. I promised links to David / Adam (Gmail
has confused me about which one it is that you prefer. I swear I used
to know… like yesterday.) Anyway… links:

Carry: A Game about War.

I forgot it isn’t intended for long term play. Seems this will not
help Luke. It’s also a really tight Indie ruleset, for some reason I
have the impression that this is something Luke might dislike.

Black Cadillacs

This guy (Darcy Burgess) was at the Ashcan Front with me in 2008. This
is a much looser war game, that can be used to play war from stick and
stone days until now… maybe the future. I can’t remember if it dealt
with command structures. I think it’s still in Ashcan form… if it
looks interesting I could lend you mine, but it’s signed so I’d want
it back.


I’m waiting to hear back from Ogre if his war game is in a playable
place. I had some interesting thoughts about how to create a game with
command structure as part of it’s center. Anyway… The rest of this
has nothing to do with Lukes need for War, just figured I’d point at
some of the other Indies we mentioned in case you wanted to link those

Non-War Games

Breaking the Ice

Shooting the Moon

Both of these are by Emily Care Boss.


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TPC 095: The White Wolf Blogcast

July 4th, 2010 · 4 Comments

* A depressing bit of memorial for Martell, some drunken Mexican anctics

* A v3 recap

* MS150 bike ride Donation Link

* Luke wanks about Transformers a lot

* White Wolf discussion. Eddy Webb, feel free to come on and correct us. ;)

* A listener call to action


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