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A Boarding Party 002: Neuroshima Hex

August 27th, 2009 · Joe · 1 Comment

Game: Neuroshima Hex
Publisher: Z-Man Games
Price: $34.99 (USD)
Type: Board, Combat, Life Points, Tile Game
Players: Tom Carrier, Jason Quintal, Joe Selby
Snacks: Baked Wheat Thins (garden vegetable), Baked Ruffles, Helluva Good Dip (sour cream and onion)
Theme Music: “Zantlop 786″ by Gasserpe from Podsafe Music Network

Click on the image to open a slide show in a new tab of pictures taken from play.

* Neuroshima Hex Overview

* The Rules

* An Example of Play (Actual Play)

* In-Action Slideshow/Photo Album

* Addendum


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  • 1 Dev09 // Aug 27, 2009 at 8:14 am

    Neuroshima Hex is a blast. It’s a bit of a puzzle to solve with all the initiatives, but the more you play it, the faster you get at resolving battles. Even though the playing area is only 19 hexes, the game makes you think quite a bit about placement. I would say this is a medium weight strategy game that works well with 2-4 players [4 players can be played all-for-one or as two teams].

    Z-man games has recently published an expansion pack for Neuroshima Hex called Babel 13 which allows players to use the entire board as well as terrain pieces which can obstruct long range firing and the like. The expansion also adds 2 new armies to the four that come in the base set.

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