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Adventure Week Promo!

June 25th, 2010 · David · 4 Comments


In the spirit of creativity under time-constraint such as many other media have flourished (NaNoWriMo, 24-Hour Comicbooks, 24-Hour Plays, Game Chef, and countless others), Dice, Food, Lodging is proud to present Adventure Week!

Participants have one week to write and produce a complete story arc for an RPG of their choice. Complete means that the adventure should be ready to hand off and be playable by another gaming group. Production values count, especially since part of the goal is is to make these available to others. One aspect of Adventure Week that differs from other such creative endeavors, is that this event encourages team-ups! Writers, Artists, Graphic Designers, anyone you can find to group with and make a more exciting product.

The time-period for this is slated for June 27th through July 3rd, this is less than three weeks away, so I hope you’ll help me get the forums buzzing and the creativity flying!

Please see the attached flyer and visit my website for more details.

Thanks for your interest!


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  • 1 Clyde L. Rhoer // Jun 28, 2010 at 1:49 am

    Did you guys start releasing earlier? This episode was before my first break at work, normally I download at first break.

    About Mouseguard… did you guys come to it because of your love for Crane, or had you encountered the fiction first. Mofo mice die in Mouseguard, I think it may not be harsh enough. Of course I’ve only done one-shots so maybe campaign play differs.

    Luke, if it’s taking you 15 minutes to scan planets you don’t have the DLC (think it’s free) that fixes that. Do you have 2 circles, or 3 for your reticle? 2 is the old school, 3 is the new school. Also use your right stick to spin the world in the opposite direction that you are scanning. You don’t have to deplete each world to get enough resources to build everything, just grab the big spikies.

    Go grab the people on Illum. One gives you +100% scan and the other gives you +30 probes for their upgrades to the Normandy.

    Also feel free to hit me up if you see me on a single player game, if I’m not up to multi-player, I’d just be playing the game logged out. Haven’t done too much RDR, the free roam doesn’t have enough to stay interesting long, and shooting people in the face in small spaces is scary alone.

    Also try the Transformers demo, it doesn’t suck, I kind of like it.

    Guess I could write you a love letter by email, but I did it this way instead.

  • 2 Luke // Jun 28, 2010 at 1:53 am

    We released this midweek so as not to be late!

  • 3 Luke // Jun 28, 2010 at 1:56 am

    Clyde, you posted to the wrong file here. S’okay. I’ll make it all better.

    I got the upgrade to scanning shortly after we recorded and it’s been better, particularly since Chibi told me that there’s no need to scan everything. Since I wasn’t sure of how supply was I didn’t know.

    As for MG. We’ve all read the comics. The game emulates them well. There’s a limit on how much fun trying to overcome substantial penalty is, so we’ve found. Basically, our first two games were awesome and it’s been dragging ever since.

  • 4 Clyde L. Rhoer // Jun 28, 2010 at 7:35 am

    Crap! I just noticed this was the wrong place… I was reading back a few episodes of comments.

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