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Ambrose Steele Character Sheet

November 8th, 2009 · Paul · No Comments

Baron Ambrose Steele, House of the Elk
Family name: Steele – I have never surrendered
Public name: Ambrose: I see the truth
Secret name: Theodosius: Mercy is the greatest sin

Strength 2
Cunning 5
Courage 2
Beauty 3
Wisdom 3
Prowess 0

Father: Marquis Theodore Steele, House of the Elk (dominant)
Mother: Baroness Evelyn Burghe, House of the Bear
Birth Order

Married to Alma Burghe

Contact: Travis Thorne

I am Hateful
Invoke: To harm others
Tag: When I must be kind
Compel: To be cruel

Invoke: When taking a risky action with a high probability of failure
Tag: When I must take time to make decisions
Compel: Feels compelled to always take dangerous risks

Medium height and build. Short brown hair, clean-shaven. Dresses simply, mostly with earth tones and/or season-appropriate colors. Commonly in traditional Scottish garb, including kilts and a wide collection of sgian dubh. Also known to dress even simpler, frequently in overcoats and decorative riding boots.

Raised competitively in outdoorsmanship, hunting, strategy, and debate with the children of his father’s vassals.
Swore to Vrain as an alternative to his father in order to prove his independence and distance himself from some weak members of his family he felt were unnecessarily familiar with the strong members.
Met and rescued his wife, Alma, from a winter storm while trekking in Vrain’s legendary hunting grounds.

Three things:
Reputation as a great hunter
Generous to allies
Known to be capable of despicable things


Tags: Aria of Ill Fortune

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