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Episode 045: Backstab x5

June 15th, 2009 · Joe · 1 Comment

* BATTLECAST 3! is Tuesday, June 16th. Join us on Ustream. You can also watch video for the last Battlecast.

* Go listen to the TrapCast. They’re funny.

* James is listing his gaming books here. Mention that you heard about it from the Podge (before paying, obviously) and get 10-25% off!

* V3 was a huge success

* Intra-Party Conflict (which is different than inter-player conflict)

* Mechanic-based conflict resolution systems

* Organic vs. Synthetic Conflict

* Dangers of Intra-Party Conflict

* Follow the discussion with a handy outline on Plus 1


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  • 1 jdac // Jun 20, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    As per fighting over the magic item being “bad” conflict: I don’t know if it’s necessarily bad.

    Now, if the conflict over the cool sword is between the players, that’s not so good, because it impinges on the social contract (David would probably call it the “gentleman’s agreement”) between the group members.

    However, if the conflict is just between the characters, especially if the focus of the conflict involves all the characters, it could make a great adventure hook (or the McGuffin that drives the plot, as in Lord of the Rings).

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