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LurkerWithout’s Sunday Trade

November 30th, 2008 · Joe · 3 Comments

(Host’s Note: Jason “LurkerWithout” Root is the PodgeCast’s official comics guru. You might consider these mini-reviews, but it would be better to simply consider them as suggestions. Jason has an extensive comics collection and history with both mainstream and indy presses. Every Sunday he recommends a comic trade that he is reading and that you might like as well. So with the first of many, the PodgeCast proudly presents Lurker Without’s Sunday Trade.)


Thor: Visionaries Walter Simonson by Walter Simonson, additional inks Terry Austin & Bob Wiacek, letters by John Workman Jr, colors by George Roussos & Christie Scheele

The “Visionaries” series is meant to showcase those whose work exemplified a series. And few people left a greater mark on book than the Simonson did during his run on The Mighty Thor. This book collects issues #337-348 of his legendary run. It has the introduction of Beta Ray Bill, the fight with Fafnir, Malekith the Dark Elf and the opening of the invasion by Surtur and his armies. Which is annoyingly where the book ends. On a massive cliffhanger. Happily I see there are four more volumes of Simonson Thor. Sadly, I see volumes two and three are out of print and have tripled in price on the teritary markets. Annoying…

But given my volume one is a fairly new printing, hopefully that means Marvel will reprint the rest. I mean its not like Marvel would instead put out “Visionaries” books collecting the “legendary” Daredevil run of Kevin Smith or the X-Men run of Joe Madureira. Seriously, I bought damn near every X-book in the 90s and I couldn’t even guess which ones Madureira wrote…

But Simonson + Thor = Gods’-be-damned awesome. I mean it has Sif and a talking space battleship teaming up to kick the crap out of space-demons. Balder tries to be a pacifist. Loki gets his head cut off (he gets better). Comics where everything is larger than life and twice as colorful…


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  • 1 Aron Head // Nov 30, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    Beta Ray Bill has got to be the best comic character to come out of the Thor books. I just love Bill. Sadly, no one has has handled the character as well since Simonson.

  • 2 Luke // Dec 1, 2008 at 3:36 am

    The Admiral has the right of it. Beta Ray Bill is awesome. I had his giant action toy. I love that guy!

  • 3 LurkerWithout // Dec 3, 2008 at 1:41 am

    Bill last popped up during the Skrull invasion Thor tie-in issues. Matt Fraction was the writer I believe. Haven’t checked them out, but theres just no way he does a worse job than Oeming’s use of BRB in Omega Flight, which was simply terrible. But if nothing else it should have Thor and BRB teaming up to pound the hell out of Skrulls…

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