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4E – Rolling With Roles

February 20th, 2009 · 7 Comments

With The Keep on the Shadowfell about to fall before our party’s combined effort, it’s safe to say that the gaming group is really digging 4th Edition D&D.  Last week, we decided to continue playing 4E and we’d alternate weeks with the Burning Wheel game Adam is planning.  This has the benefit of keeping everyone in the group (something we couldn’t do with just Burning Wheel) and giving Adam more time to prepare for his first sandbox game.

Since Adam didn’t want to run both games, I’ll be taking over D&D after we’re done with the Keep.  I’m very excited!  I haven’t run D&D for years because I grew tired of the massive preparation time that third edition carried with it.  4e fixes that problem  so I was more than happy to put on my cape and step back into the role of DM. (more…)


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