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TPC 111: 10 Things We Learned Playing Burning Empires

October 24th, 2010 · 2 Comments

* Buy Iron Tyrants!

* Aron Head is doind Supers Sandobx Actual Play: here

* Virtual Sausagefest for breast cancer, link is here

* Back to the Future is a great f’n movie

* Matt tells the worst, most misleading story about a threesome at D*C

* 10 things we learned by playing Burning Empires (Topic starts around 18minutes in)

For the GM:
1. Get together and play a one-shot of the subsystems or lead in with simple, tutorial subsystem situations as an introduction; ease into it
2. Be aggressive as the GM; press the PCs without hesitation
3. BE is hardcore GM improv training; develop that skill
4. The GM needs to fill the world and give the players something to interact with
5. Make your players read the book

For the Player:
1. Write good beliefs (this is generic to any burning system, really)
2. Understand how color works.
3. Follow the1,2,3 rule
- in every 1 session, use your two important scenes (color, building) and include all 3 beliefs.
4. Look at the maneuver skill list in both character creation and maneuver selection each session – PLAN
5. Prepare to be disappointed with the disconnect between the meta game and the game at the table


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TPC 104: Broad Spectrum Analysis

September 5th, 2010 · 1 Comment

*MS 150 is nearly upon us! Please donate here

*Questionable Characterization

*Oh Yeah

*Adventure Burner Impressions


*Open Secrets vs. Reveals


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PAP 002: Podge Actual Play – Burning Empires – The Immortal Storm – Session 01

August 25th, 2010 · 4 Comments


*The first 47 minutes has Eric explaining Maneuvers and Scene Budget along with banter

*Play begins at 47 minutes

*Phase: Usurpation

*The world of Allera Imperia is a storm-wracked aquatic world whose toxic atmosphere forces is lethal to humans. Defying nature, humanity has settled there to capture a great prize. Algae, unique to this world, can be harvested and processed into a drug called Verdant, which halts the body’s aging process. For the few who can afford it, immortality is only a regular dose away. Obtaining this prize is difficult, but protecting it will prove even harder as nearly all living beings seek to escape death.

Especially the Vaylen.

House Zente, led by the immortal Forge Lord Kriati, has long held control of the planet.  Recently, operations have been disrupted by the introduction of a street-level version of Verdant called Green. Green won’t stop you from aging, but this highly-addictive form of the drug will make you feel physically and mentally in your prime.  Through several different factions, the Vaylen are poised to strike as the Forge Lord struggles to maintain control. Her reign will be challenged by both a mercenary force new to the planet and The Cult of Transition who directly oppose the anti-aging drug.


Forge Lord Kriati Zente – Sarah

Hammer Pilot Jayce Bronze – Adam

Minister of Information and Education, Psychologist Xanthus Dorne- Luke

Bastard Smuggling Noblewoman – Katie

Anvil Lord – Paul

Green-addicted Hammer Lord Gepard Frost (NPC) – Eric

Vaylen Cult of Transition Leader Sharaya Va’non (NPC) – Eric

Vaylen Mercenary Leader Diamades Shah (NPC) – Eric

Vaylen Mercenary Chief Surgeon Garoda (NPC) – Eric

Sharaya’s Mule Bodyguard Brutus (NPC) – Eric


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TPC 094: Tired, Angry and Sick

June 27th, 2010 · 2 Comments

* Tony joins us and we talk 360 for a long time

* Prince of Persia

* More 360 talk

* Metagaming, Burning Empires and Mouse Guard


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TPC 083: Socially Speaking

April 4th, 2010 · 5 Comments

* Burning Empires, Burning Wheel,  Mouse Guard and the Warhammer Fantasy CRPG

* The obligatory Blood Bowl talk. Congrats to Brad for winning last season!

* Zones and abstraction in games

*The Ideology of Madness thread in question

* Social Mechanics


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