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TPC 111: 10 Things We Learned Playing Burning Empires

October 24th, 2010 · 2 Comments

* Buy Iron Tyrants!

* Aron Head is doind Supers Sandobx Actual Play: here

* Virtual Sausagefest for breast cancer, link is here

* Back to the Future is a great f’n movie

* Matt tells the worst, most misleading story about a threesome at D*C

* 10 things we learned by playing Burning Empires (Topic starts around 18minutes in)

For the GM:
1. Get together and play a one-shot of the subsystems or lead in with simple, tutorial subsystem situations as an introduction; ease into it
2. Be aggressive as the GM; press the PCs without hesitation
3. BE is hardcore GM improv training; develop that skill
4. The GM needs to fill the world and give the players something to interact with
5. Make your players read the book

For the Player:
1. Write good beliefs (this is generic to any burning system, really)
2. Understand how color works.
3. Follow the1,2,3 rule
- in every 1 session, use your two important scenes (color, building) and include all 3 beliefs.
4. Look at the maneuver skill list in both character creation and maneuver selection each session – PLAN
5. Prepare to be disappointed with the disconnect between the meta game and the game at the table


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TPC 102: 10 Things I Learned at Gencon

August 22nd, 2010 · 1 Comment

10 Things I Learned At Gencon
1.) Kevin Weiser is a crazy person.
2.) James has the patience of a lion.
- No, I don’t know what that means
3.) I played Robert Bohl’s Misspent Youth.
- It was pretty fun.
- I don’t think Kevin or Robert Bohl believed I could handle playing a story game of that magnitude. I proved them wrong. ;)
4.) Competitive D&D – Do not forget how D&D works
- I made a stupid assumption
- It cost us the competition
5.) I don’t like RPGA events.
- Mediocre encounters
- Awkward storytelling
- Inflexible rules
- Stupid plot twist (betraying character? seriously?)
6.) Some quick and dirty 4e tricks that can really speed up the game.
- Initiative cards on the DM screen
- Status cards to hand to players with condition and description
- Defenses on the reverse side of initiative cards
- Rotating initiative cards on the DM screen
- Popups in front of players with defenses (Tim!)
7.) Do not take 2 5 hour energies in a row
8.) Jen’s 1 Cool Thing Video from Gencon was awesome.
9.) The Iron Tyrants demo went well.
- This is the first time I’ve seen it demo’d for people outside of people I know well. Apparently, Luke designed a game that people like.
10.) You. You know who you are. You missed it.

10 Things I Learned At Gencon – Luke Edition
1) James will take pics of you when you sleep and post them on the net – though I may have deserved that.
2) Stingray will lick all the community alcohol.

Things I Learned While You Guys Were At Gencon
1. You are alcoholics, probably. Seriously, goddammit, what’s with the drunk outline editing?
2. I thought more about our 4e game than I have thought about a game in which I’m a player, during downtime, since KTNG.
-I think we have a world that will persist for this group beyond this campaign.
-D&D is simple and I love it. Very little about BE is simple (looking at you, Firefight) and it’s just okay.
-Still not wild about playing at level 2, so I hope we story-level quickly.

3. Adam is gay for dudes. No judgment, just sayin’. HE KISSED TWO DUDES
4. The Walking Eye’s video of things seen at Gencon really made me appreciate it as a community more than just a convention. I think this is the kind of thing that will keep me from skipping in the future.
5. Robert Bohl likes Social Distortion. AND HATES LUKE
7. The St. Louis craft brewery scene is about to explode. So getting drunk alone, in the dark, without going to another state under the guise of rolling dice, is still in vogue.
Six Row opened in December and they’re going to bottling soon.
Urban Chestnut opens this fall.
Perennial Artisan Ales intends to begin building by year’s end.
The Civil Life Brewing Co. next year – spring opening.


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TPC 093: Iron Tyrants

June 20th, 2010 · 10 Comments

* Aron Head is awesome

* Legal Troubles

* Archer continues to be awesome

* The new Doctor is terrible – deal with it

* We talk Iron Tyrants. Luke’s baby is almost done.


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TPC 082: A Gentleman’s Criticism

March 28th, 2010 · 15 Comments

* Iron Tyrants at Fear the Con

* Blood Bowl Season 2 kicks off!

* Podcast criticism discussion

* The blog Paul is talking about is here.

* RPG Podcast Listener Survey can be found here.

* Luke poops in soup

* A bunch of game design philosophy and criticism

* Why is your favorite game your favorite game?


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TPC 079: Small Press Adventures

March 7th, 2010 · 5 Comments

* Paul is gone for hawkey and Luke doesn’t know how to pronounce that sport’s name

* Chatroulette redux

* Starcraft Night of Carnage? We should plan one.

* Quest for Glory has a place in our hearts

* Luke will be at Fear the Con 3 runnnig Iron Tyrants!

* Small Press publishing – a case study in Spooky Outhouse Production’s journey with Iron Tyrants.

* Black Pidgeon Press and Hacktastic

* Print options: Studio 2


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