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Meet Me in the Morning with Zak Kaveney – Together Through Life Review

May 14th, 2009 · No Comments

“Together Through Life” – Bob Dylan (2009)

In his thirty-third studio album, Dylan has released a handful of luscious tracks that will make any fan appreciate the seemingly endless pool of creation that he can turn around, crack it open, and pull something gorgeous out. From here comes his latest collection of work that encompasses many great themes. From the hell that spawned your spouse, to the fortitude needed to be away from a loved one, there’s really something lovely about this entire album. It’s serene, powerful, majestic, and down right fun. As you listen to the beginning of “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’” and continue throughout wondering if you ever have been to Houston, you find yourself nodding, with foot tapping in rhythm, that Dylan’s right: “It’s All Good.”

One of the best played instruments on this album comes from David Hidalgo, of Los Lobos fame, playing the accordion. This is the sound that really makes “Together Through Life” sound and feel different from any of the past few albums Dylan has released. I’m sure you’ve heard that Mike Campbell from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers plays guitar on this album as well; however, every musician on this album does an absolutely stellar job of bringing out the best behind Dylan and co-writer Robert Hunter, one of the Grateful Dead alum.

There’s no need for me to spin any more heaven or hell wordplay into this, so I’ll leave you with my two favorite tracks:

“My Wife’s Hometown” is a haunting melody that Dylan pours his voice into, and the best moment is toward the end of the track as you can hear him laughing maniacally at the thought of someone he once knew.

“Shake Shake Mama” may not be many other critics pick, but for me, this is just another fun song that Dylan loves to play in, much like a child in a sandbox. You can’t help but bounce around in your seat and even try to sing along. It’s a fun song, and you can tell everyone on it is enjoying themselves.


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Episode 038: Wizard Sleeve

April 20th, 2009 · 6 Comments

* WotC, White Wolf, Paizo, and Nerd Rage!

* Dave Arneson really did die and he is missed.

* Thank you to all those who donated to Luke Appreciation Week, even those whose last names we can’t pronounce

* Kal Penn, House, and Public Service

* Adam is sick of fighting (he also hates happiness)

* Castle Crashers is an awesome game

* We talk about things you might have missed

* System Shock 2

* Red Dwarf

* Black Adder

* Invader Zim

* Venture Bros.

* Failure to Launch

* Supernatural

* Greg the Bunny

* Jim Henson’s Storyteller

* Avatar: The Last Airbender

* O

* The Monster Squad

* Grim Fandango

* Arrested Development

* Steel-Cut Oatmeal

* Emiliana Torrini

* The Sugar Queen


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Meet Me in the Morning with Zak Kaveney

March 19th, 2009 · No Comments

Review of M. Ward’s Hold Time

Time, much like music, is described in many forms. Everyone has an opinion on time and how we perceive it. From a simple measurement between then and now, to a scientific theory on relativistic time versus Newtonian time. In M. Ward’s newest album Hold Time he has much to say about time. Nothing that will expand any scientific fields of research, but bits from the past and the future that can spin into a much longer yarn if you will your imagination to take you there.



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Meet Me in the Morning with Zak Kaveney – Dylan Live

March 5th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Here’s a list for you. A list that does not ask you to fill out how you’re doing today, how old you are, and what color your distended colon might be on a Saturday night after drinking ten shots of tequila with that woman who strangely reminds you of a man.

No, this is a list about a man who can take hours away from you at a time by just listening to him. A man who is known and unknown by many. Bob Dylan has a catalogue of music that will take you days to sift through, weeks to find the gems that others glance over, and months to appreciate that one verse, that one smidge of pure glee that you might have otherwise missed the first twenty times you listened to it.

For you, the reader and listener, I have taken years going over these songs over and over. Listening to them at work, listening to them on walks, and listening to them when I’m playing games. I’ve combined both the original recorded track and all the live tracks I could. This clocks in at over six hours of music. I’m going to distill as much as I can for you, while still not gloating about how much I love Bob Dylan. (Go ahead, get your sneers in about his raspy-taspy voice now. I’ll wait.)



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They Might Be Giants – My Top Ten Tracks

December 18th, 2008 · 7 Comments

Zak Kaveney made my day by giving some in-depth analysis on one of my favorite bands.  Check out his thoughts below and see if you agree or not.



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