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TPC 182: Within the Devil’s Reach

March 4th, 2012 · David · 1 Comment

* This episode is explicit

* Master the Met is happening again, so if you’ve got some spare cash to donate to the Law of the Geek team, we’d really appreciate it!

* Josh Mannon is in the studio tonight!

* At the Table Games

* Dungeon World a mod/hack/product of Apocolypse World

* What makes Apocolypse World work, and how that translates to Dungeon World

* Dungeon World and Apocolypse World take a back seat to us talking about the Twilight novels. Seriously.

* Then we talk about Within Devil’s Reach, Josh’s Kickstarter Dungeon World adventures. The project ends on March 24, so if you like what you hear, head on out there and back it!


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