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TPC 185: David Hates Your Fun

March 25th, 2012 · David · 3 Comments

* James’ Kickstarter is still up and going strong! They’ve been funded, but if you want in on the ground floor of this, get in!

* Buy Marvel Heroic Roleplaying!

* Luke and David argue about Mass Effect. Forever.

* This turns into a discussion on Dungeon World.

* Which turns into a discussion on weird, quirks to valuing pieces of a game.

* That’s Wizards’ Chess


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  • 1 Uemei // Mar 26, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    God it took me like eight hours to get through the first 19 minutes of this episode because every time Luke rushed to the defense of Mass Effect, I had to pause the episode, and just vent my rage at anyone who would listen. I like Mass Effect, it’s fun, I played through the first game four times, and the second game once, I’m even fine with downer endings, but I have known for four god damn years that the ‘choices’ were a lie.

    Spoiler Alert!
    The worst part about being vindicated by the color swap ending, that has jack shit all to do with any of the conversations you’ve had or who’s died, is that BioWare will probably cave, and EA is going to learn the wrong lesson from all of this. If you REALLY love Mass Effect then you owe it to the developers to grab them up by the scruff of the neck, and rub their face in it like a puppy that shat on the kitchen counter.

  • 2 Karmancer // Mar 29, 2012 at 2:42 am

    This was a good episode. A little cat herding was done but you all tumbled and rolled your way through another entertaining episode. You guys are by far my favorite podcast.

  • 3 Chris // Apr 4, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    Just caught this episode, it was fun. Got a kick out of listening to Luke defend Mass Effect! Totally agree with him too. I mean seriously, does anyone really doubt that these games are anything other than choose your own adventure stories? There’s a finite amount of data on the disc, what are you expecting? It’s the quality of the illusion and the number of binaries in play.

    A buddy of mine just finished so we finally were able to discuss. Obviously our endings were similar, but the differences throughout we’re pretty astonishing to me. He had a much grimmer story after it was all said and done than I had. Hell, one of best subplot wrapups in the whole game, for me, didn’t even happen for him. That character wasn’t even alive in his game from the get go!

    So yeah, it’s obviously not an open ended story (does anyone out there actually claim that?) but there’s enough major differences throughout, about characters that are important to you, that it makes a big difference on how the story feels. For me, it wasnt just about the 3 endings but the subset of differing plot wrapups that lead up to the ending that was such a fun ride.

    Thanks guys!

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