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So you want to write to the Podge, do you? Well we got rules about that kind of stuff around here. So read below and make sure you send your missive to the right person else you won’t get an answer.

Advertising Queries: Yes, the PodgeCast is willing to advertise both on our site and/or in our audio feed. We are selective on what we will advertise and where we will advertise it. Email to discuss terms/rates. Send your general stuff here! Send all your destructive criticisms, unfounded complaints, stupid ideas, and spam here.
Adam Send Adam any technical ideas, requests, problems, or questions you have for the site or for the forums. He will determine viability.
Joe Send Joe questions, comments, or suggestions about the show’s editing or notes. He will determine viability.
Luke Send Luke your praise and adulation. All positive critiques and fanboyishness should be sent to Luke, even if it’s about another host. When praising other hosts, you should still call them Luke in your letter. He’s needy.
Matt Matt likes playing games where you roll dice and kill stuff. If you
can swing from a chandelier or rat-trail while doing it all the
better. In his spare time, he cleans up nuclear waste. He travels a
lot and goes to a fair amount of live music. 50 /50 chance he
remembers to bring his ear plugs. 100% chance he brings the fun.

Note: All four hosts are willing to review games, music, books or even movies. Accepting a review copy does not guarantee a positive review or a mention on the show. If we like your product, you can bet we’ll talk about it. If we don’t like your product, we may talk about that too, so consider yourself forewarned.

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